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About Us

Willory Agencies is the largest pot distributor in the North Island, supplying the garden and design industry for over 37 years. We are a strictly wholesale business providing clients with innovative, high-quality products.
As family-owned business run by a husband-and-wife duo they are known for their community support and strong relationships with those in the industry. Along with their team, Marcus and Janine Barnes make sure to go the extra step to help transform your space.  


Our Beginnings

Willory specialises in pots, water features, statues and more. We source it all with modern flair to traditional craftmanship, so there is something for everyone.
The profile of professional landscaper designers has been raised by the plethora of gardening inspiration. Due to this we also cater to the requirements of the demand of new aged light-weight pots and planters.

What we do

Ice Truck
Service has always been a priority for our company and we pride ourselves on bringing in premium products and putting our customers first.
We use our own trucks to deliver, to ensure that our pots are handled as carefully as possible.

Our Service

Growing Plants
Feel free to browse this site and contact us regarding any of the products that interest you.
Note that what you see here is merely a sample of product.
Due to the volume and frequency of shipments, new stock is arriving daily.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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