About Us

Willory Agencies is a wholesale company supplying the garden industry with a wide range of pots, planters, jars and Garden Accents for over twenty years.

From small beginnings selling dragon pots, blue and white porcelain and elephants we have developed a range that equals anything in the world.

Our sources include potteries in Vietnam, China, Italy, Crete, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Technology has seen some potteries build huge kilns with production capacity of up to 50 forty foot containers per week, while others make their pots in the same way that their forebears did.

The most advanced factories use computer controlled gas fired kilns where the pots travel on a kiln car and take less than twelve hours to dry and fire the pots.


The other end of the tech scale is best represented by the terracotta producing beehive kilns of the Mekong delta which are fired with rice husk and have a firing cycle of twenty days. Equally primitive are the Cretian kilns which use ground up olive stones as fuel giving these traditional pots their lovely earthy, natural look.

Service has always been a priority for our company and to this end one of our sales people calls on every customer in the North island every six weeks with delivery the following week. We use our own trucks to deliver where possible to ensure that the pots are handled as carefully as is humanly possible.

The profile of professional landscaper designers has been raised by the plethora of gardening programmes on television and we at Willory have increased our range of large planters, jars, and water features to accommodate this.

Feel free to browse this site and contact us regarding any of the products that interest you. Note that what you see here is merely a sample of product. Due to the volume and frequency of shipments, new stock is arriving daily.

We are a wholesale outlet only. 

Images represent some of the processes and the workmanship involved to create beautiful compliments to your garden by one of our suppliers.


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