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Large Pot Collection
(90cm or larger)

Large Lightweight Collection

Polyfiberstone - a creative mix of poly resin, fiberglass matting and stone powder using adhesives to strengthen the body and connect the layers.
Sleek contemporary design for home or garden.

Wide range of products so there will always be something to suit your space.
Eseras Setting.jpg

Large Stone Collection

Durable and long lasting; these large stone inspired pieces will elevate your space bringing a nature inspired look.

Large Atlantis Collection

Created as the ultimate expression of a texture finish, modeled on the ravages of nature.
Each pot is handmade with its own individual character ensuring no two pieces are the same. 

These large pieces will create an interesting focal point in any space.

Large Glazed Collection

A collection of statement large, glazed pots. Wide Range of colored finishes to compliment any area.

Hand Glazed to give each pot a unique finish.

Perfect for outdoor plants and to give your garden a pop of color.
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